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Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit is a 4 member vocal ensemble. Made up of 2 sets of brothers and sisters. We love to sing together and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Kindred Spirit really began back at Northwest Missouri State University when Brice, Crystal, Gretchen, and Justin sang a special at the Edgerton Christian Church.  This sparked an interest in continuing to sing together, but we needed a name.  We discussed names for our quartet over a game of Pitch.  Kindred Spirit became our name based off two truths.  Number one, we are "Kindred", we're all related!  Number two, we are "Spirit" as we are all followers of Jesus Christ.  We are now in our fourth year of officially being a quartet.  We are looking forward to more to come for our quartet!

Crystal Willson - Soprano



Hi, thanks for checking out our website! I'm the soprano of our group and I so love having the opportunity to not only sing for enjoyment but also as a way to praise God. My brother Brice (our tenor) and I grew up with music and God being a big part of our lives, so it is wonderful to have the opportunity to carry this into our adult lives. 

I live in the Kansas City Northland and work as a social worker for
Crossroads Hospice.  I'm blessed to make music with a group that truly cares and supports one another. We are family, but also friends. This, for me, is a big part of what makes it so great to be a member of Kindred Spirit!



Gretchen Willson - Alto


Hi, welcome to our webpage! I have really enjoyed being apart of our singing group! I sing the alto part, or some version of whatever middle harmony there happens to be in our songs! 

I went to Savannah High School in Savannah, MO, then attended Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO for my undergraduate and post graduate degrees in music education. I have enjoyed teaching in the public school, but now I get to stay home with my 2 beautiful boys, Theo and Thad. I also have a music studio, working with students from 3rd grade-high school in weekly piano or voice lessons.  

I enjoy being apart of my church, spending time with family, playing card games, going camping/being outside and creating music! 

Thanks for checking out Kindred Spirit! We hope our music is a blessing to you!

Brice Willson - Tenor


Hi I'm sorta the tenor of the group.  I say 'sorta' because I'm really a baritone but I make it work, ha!  I've enjoyed singing since I can remember.  Crystal and I grew up singing at church and with our parents.  Since both mom and dad were music teachers there was always a lot of music going on around our house. Crystal and I began singing with mom and dad in their gospel music group called Disciples of Harmony.  We had a lot of fun performing at local churches and community events.  We would also sing with mom and dad as a quartet. I also spent eight years in a rock/ska band called The Swabbies! 


Gretchen, Thad, Theo and I live in Platte City where I teach vocal music at the middle school.  I enjoy performing in the Platte City Community Band as well as the adult choir that my dad directs, The Canto Chorale.  


I'm having a blast being involved with Kindred Spirit because it mixes all of things that I love to do together.  I love spending time with family, I love performing, I love singing (especially a cappella), and most of all I love spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through music.



Justin Whitman - Bass

Welcome to our website!  I grew up with Gretchen in a small town loving music and the outdoors.  Throughout high school and college Gretchen and I were heavily involved with all things music and that is where we meet Brice and Crystal.  I graduated college with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and a minor in music.  After college I meet my lovely wife Alyssa and we currently live in east Jackson County.  

One of the great things about being apart of this ministry is using the gifts that we have been given to share with others.  We hope you enjoy our website and get a chance to come and visit us at one of our upcoming performances.

Alyssa Whitman - Featured Soloist

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